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OraTEK Solutions was founded and incorporated in 2009. It is a dynamic and progressive organization committed to provide an affordable and flexible Oracle solution to meet the client needs. We provide an easy, cost-effective and secure way to outsource your database administration or augment your existing DBA staff. We have the most knowledgeable and highly recognized team of DBAs to support throughout the life of your database investment.

Our Mission

Our goal is to support mission-critical production environments on 24x7x365 basis by highly qualified and certified resources to ensure high availability, performance and administration of your systems.


We Are Here To Help Your Business

Since more and more work is being done through computers and all the data is being stored electronically the need for efficient database management is required in almost all the companies. The two main challenges are the increasing size of database and the ever growing complexity of the data structure. These require a better database management to boost performance, administration, backup, recovery and related processes. Oratek has got the experience, resource and the technology to achieve the same. Not only does it save the client’s valuable time but also provides cost-effective IT-enabled business solutions.

* Deliver Higher Customer Satisfaction.
* Most Competitive Consulting at a Competitive Price.
* Provide High Quality and High Performance Solution.

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Solutions Provided By OraTEK

* Support Throughout the Lifecycle
* Evaluation : Advice on Hardware,Software and Licensing
* Installation : Customized for client requirements and infrastructure
* Data Loading : Provide support to Load initial data to the database
* Monitoring : 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring for high-availibility
* Maintenance : Design and deploy Upgrades, Patches and Data reorganization
* Integration : Advice to integrate several applications and databases.
* Tuning : Advice on key Application and Database tuning to achieve maximized performance
* Backup : Customized Backup and recovery procedures as per infrastructure requirements
* Replication : Implement all kinds of replication based on client needs
* Disaster Recovery : Create environment to save business for any catastrophic failure
* Security : Setup up back end security procedures.
* Training : Provide training for all kind of database activities

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